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Myself and my husband have been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for about 5 years. I have a history of uterine fibroids and PCOS which makes my menstrual cycle quite irregular. I decided to try acupuncture after 2 failed cycles of IVF and was about to embark on a third. Since starting acupuncture my menstrual cycles have been very regular. Before starting acupuncture I was also having stress-related palpitations which I no longer have and I'm generally more relaxed. I really feel acupuncture will be of benefit through my IVF journey.

I really enjoy my acupuncture sessions and after each appointment I feel totally destressed and re-energised. I also have a sense of well-being and am able to sleep really well at night. I like Sharon's approach because it's very patient-centred and holistic. She is very professional and you can see she has a genuine interest in your condition. The environment is also warm and welcoming.

I'd been experiencing severe emotional distress: tears, anger, numbness, insomnia and fatigue with total exhaustion. I had digestive meltdown- acid and diarrhoea, poor concentration and forgetfulness, with headaches, aches and pains everywhere.

After one session of acupuncture, my sleep improved from under 2 hours a day to 10 hours a day, my complexion was glowing. I have more energy, my emotions have settled and I feel CALM! My posture has improved, the diarrhoea has stopped and the acid has stopped. My memory has returned and my head is not spinning. I feel like I'm back in my life, not out of control anymore. I found acupuncture peaceful and calming (comforting me time), and there was warmth around the needle sites. Sharon's approach is brilliant, patient, kind, understanding and well-explained. Overall it's 100% enjoyable- I would recommend it to everyone. I insist on it! It's a valuable tool. Everyone deserves acupuncture!

I've been feeling anxious about the changes brought about by retirement, and having difficulty relaxing; frequently mulling things over. This, I think, has been causing a vague sensation of tension in my head. Bit by bit, the treatment is helping me re-find my former optimism. I like Sharon's holistic approach because she gives me time to talk through the highs and lows of my week before the treatment. Sharon is reassuringly calm and patient. She's an excellent listener.

The needles make me feel more "even". To the uninitiated, they really don't hurt! It's just a pin-prick or funny dull sensation for a few seconds. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone who finds traditional treatments, for example, anti-depressants, limited in scope.

I'd been experiencing severe muscle pain in my torso and limbs. The hospital were unable to diagnose the root cause. I've also had a poor sleep pattern for many years, plus anxiety and balance issues.

Sharon is very thorough and takes your full history before starting treatment. She ensures you know what to expect and puts you at ease. What I also like about Sharon is the fact she takes care to listen and makes notes, changing the areas of treatment as your condition changes.

After two sessions I was able to cut right back on painkillers and anti-inflammatories, and after a few more sessions, it was no longer necessary to take any painkillers. My anxiety levels have reduced, and I'm sleeping far better. I am so pleased with my improvements and would not have expected such an improvement in just a few weeks.

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